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Chatting with Iconic Lady of the week, Dancer and Depop seller, Scarlett Gibson about Rowan Blanchard, the joy of cleaning the kitchen, and our favorite Instagram accounts.

For easy access to all of our references, visit the Instagram Highlight ‘2 Scarlett’

References in order of appearance:

Scarlett Gibson: Mimi Bouchard
Sienna: Girl Knew York
Scarlett’s fav Instagram accounts:
@MimiBouchard , @lilychee , @simihaze , @thesisterdiary , @maddieorlando Р@laurenorlando88 & their clothing brand: @artlessforever

Sienna’s Mentions: @Florencegiven, @CarolineCalloway, @GirlKnewYork, Que Pena pod on youtube, Tefi, It Girl Theory, Caroline Calloway’s Newspaper-The Drunken Canal, Mira Mariah/Girl Knew York again- Her appearance on the I’m Over It podcast, @FlorenceGiven again
Scarlett Gibbson: Eva Meloche on yt
Sienna: Realisation par, Ciao Lucia, House of Sunny, my Instagram- @sieyyna, @Hausofellechar @la_manso @ettrumtill (not mentioned but cool eclectic scandi style: @kiosk48th )

Scarlett’s Records:
Sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band- the beatles
do Hollywood- the lemon twigs
Marlin Brando- the wild ones
her favorite songs from the clueless spundtrack:
Alright- Supergrass

Sienna- Female assasin posts on “Aspiring… etc” highlight @sieyyna
Scarlett’s Bread Recipe¬†
Sienna- @itsblitzz @miraalmamani ( the spanish company I’m talking about is @gimaguas ) @emiliamuss @eveliinavintage @ettrurmtill


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